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As more and more organisations transition into the digital economy, speed at quality is paramount. To meet customers’ needs, your business must have fast, efficient and effective IT delivery. High quality enterprise testing is a key to better delivery.

CPT has been delivering enterprise testing services to clients within Australia and around the world for over 20 years, providing thought leadership and successful testing outcomes. Whether independently, or in partnership with your testing vendors, our holistic approach to testing ranges from capability and maturity reviews to fully managed testing services.

CPT provides testing thought leadership and test governance to enterprises throughout Australia and the world. Working with either your own testing and IT delivery teams or with your preferred vendors, our consultants bring their deep understanding and experience of test governance, testing methodologies, and cutting edge testing technologies to uplift enterprise testing capability and drive results.

CPT specialises in test capability and maturity reviews that help our clients improve their testing. Our industry leading capability maturity review process produces recommendations that give our clients everything they need to know about where they are right now, what their future state needs to be, with a roadmap of detailed and prioritised steps to get there.

Good test strategies guide outstanding testing outcomes. CPT consultants develop and implement high quality test strategies that are aligned with the needs of our clients. Leveraging our expertise in testing methodologies such as shift left and agile, as well as testing technologies, such as test automation, service virtualisation, and data virtualisation, our goal is to craft test strategies that deliver value and capability uplift for our clients. Regardless of whether your organisation uses agile, waterfall or hybrid delivery methodology, our consultants will develop and implement test strategies that maximise test effectiveness while minimising risk.

CPT provides Test Management capability covering the full spectrum of projects from simple to very large cross-platform integration projects. We offer:

  • Test Directorship for very large or complex projects.
  • Senior Test Management for end to end test management.
  • Remedial Test Management, to recover projects under stress.
  • Backfill of Test Management capability at short notice.
  • Test Lead roles, providing hands-on leadership for teams of testers.
  • Planning, design and preparation of effective, efficient testing.

Getting the best value from your test tools and technologies can be difficult without the right advice and expertise. CPT has built a global reputation for helping our clients get the most out of the investments they make in their tools.

CPT takes a holistic view of tooling with a view to aligning the tooling approach with the enterprise test strategy while focusing on benefits and ROI. Enterprise reporting and metrics flow from properly configured test tools, enabling your organisation to draw the data and delivery insights you need to continually improve your testing.

Whether your focus is enterprise test management and reporting, test automation, service virtualisation or test data management, CPTs test practice has built industry leading solutions that can be applied to your tooling and processes to maximise their value.

Sometimes you simply need the right people to provide high quality test planning and execution. Our test consultants work hard and draw on CPT’s knowledge of best practice to deliver testing results for you.

Test Automation is the key to accelerating software delivery and improving quality. But all too frequently the potential benefits of automation fail to materialise. Poorly implemented and difficult to maintain automation, inability to integrate with test management and DevOps toolsets,  there are many ways in which test automation can fail. CPT test automation consultants understand the reasons why automation projects succeed and we approach automation with the same level of rigour as would be expected on any complex development project.

CPT delivers automation solutions that:

  • maximise the return on automation investment
  • are leveraged for more than just regression testing
  • are accessible to and extensible by business-people and non-automation engineers
  • are integrated with existing development and test processes
  • are robust, easy to maintain and easy to extend

CPT test automators provide our clients with the confidence to accelerate development and respond with greater agility to meet rapidly changing business and market conditions.

Test Environment Management is a foundation service that underpins quality outcomes from testing. CPT has been actively engaged in Test Environment Management for our clients since the inception of the company in 1993. Whether building large scale end to end environment management infrastructure from the ground up, or modifying existing processes and systems to reduce cost, improve quality and accelerate delivery, CPT environment specialists have consistently created value for our customers. Our environment management consultants have integrated, improved or established environment management tools and processes to support unit testing, systems and functional testing, systems integration, user acceptance, performance and non-functional testing, DevOps, pre-production testing activities, or to enable the testing of specific initiatives.

Test Data Management is another foundation service that underpins quality outcomes from testing.

CPT has designed and implemented test data management systems for numerous clients. Regardless of the tools and technologies you have, our consultants can establish or uplift your test data management capability by carefully aligning people, processes and tools to achieve results.

Whether your goal is to improve your test data management or implement data virtualisation to accelerate testing, or to mask and anonymise your data to align your organisation with regulatory and compliance requirements, CPT has the expertise and partners to create the test data management solution you need.

Whether your IT platform is distributed, midrange or mainframe, CPT’s proven approach to Performance Testing aligns business imperatives with technical considerations to remove risks and take your performance issues off the critical path.

While our performance engineers have extensive experience with open source and commercial load testing tools and protocols, along with deep understanding of platforms and systems, the key CPT differentiator is our understanding of business risks and drivers. Our consultants start with the business objectives, and then tailor performance engineering to alleviate your risks and meet your goals.

Our performance testing services include:

  • establishing performance testing frameworks and governance
  • creation of performance testing laboratories and enterprise performance engineering services
  • risk assessment for new platforms and major infrastructure changes including cloud migration
  • evaluation and selection of performance engineering tools
  • provision of resources on demand to deliver or rescue projects
  • creation of performance, stress and volume testing strategies and plans
  • development and execution of performance test plans and scripts

Not all testing processes are created equal. CPT can conduct testing life-cycle assessments to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your current testing, whether your focus is quality, faster time to market, or doing more with less.

Use your test data and reporting to drive continuous improvement of your IT delivery.

Most organisations fail to take full advantage of the wealth of IT delivery data that their existing test and test management tools provide. CPT consultants can help your organisation establish a test reporting framework that aligns with your business needs and leverages your IT delivery data to drive continuous improvement.

CPTs industry leading test reporting & metrics solutions provide our clients with the following key benefits:

  • A framework for continuous improvement of your current testing and delivery capabilities
  • Consistency of approach and data capture, meaning a better platform for cross project and area reporting.
  • Greater levels of visibility of testing efforts, both in flight views of execution and in capturing actual efforts for later analysis and trending.
  • Improved manageability of testing efforts – able to spot trends earlier and actively manage towards improved outcomes.
  • Testing and other project resources better able to transition between areas without having to learn new/different processes and ways of using the testing tools.
  • Greater levels of control over, and understanding of, vendor activities.
  • Improved ROI for your existing test tool suites
  • Automated reporting and reduced test resource effort in producing and accessing reports and metrics
  • Increased information available to drive earlier identification and optimisation of problem areas.

CPT test consultants can help you with:

  • Strategic review of your existing testing tools and reporting framework
  • Recommendations to drive improvements
  • Provision of customised installations and processes
  • Service provision of the test tools, reporting and metric capabilities
  • Advanced, automated reporting solutions, such as the development and implementation of “fit for purpose” metrics
  • Developing, building and implementing automated metrics and report generation

We specialise in:

The CPT Testing Practice has a strong focus on optimising our clients’ test capability.  We place great value on getting the right testing approach for our clients, making sure it is fit for purpose and leveraging your existing investments in quality.

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