case study - full solution testing & environment management (bank)

A NZ based banking client owned and operated two separate banking brands with two discrete businesses and sets of IT systems.

The bank established a major program of works with the objective of merging the two brands to operate as one banking brand and to have one set of business processes and banking systems. In the role of Testing Partner, CPT helped the client to establish a testing capability. CPT then worked with the client to define a testing strategy that covered testing from end to end including the stand up and management of testing environments.

CPT worked with the client to develop an achievable test plan that included introducing new testing processes that scaled to meet the testing requirements of merging more than 150 systems. CPT managed the implementation control rooms, implementation execution and uplifted post-implementation support capability.

The merging of the two brands was successful and was not impacted by any technology production issues in the initial post implementation period of operations under the newly merged brand.

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