Performance Testing

Performance Testing is a type of testing executed in a production-like environment usually to validate expected workload on the target system can be met, to size a system appropriate for the expected workload, or to identify any impediments to the system supporting the expected workload.​

Performance Testing provides significant benefits including improved and expected customer experiences and the reduction of operational risk. In addition, Performance Testing enables organisations to optimise available system resources and capacity and defer expenditure and avoid costly panic buying of infrastructure through improved infrastructure budget planning and provisioning lead times.

CPT’s Performance Testing services include the following:

  • Fit for Purpose Evaluation – Enables organisations to understand whether the solution meets cost and performance objectives before committing to the solution.
  • Commercial Acceptance – Determines whether a solution can support required service levels on the target configuration.
  • Capability Assurance Modelling – Demonstrates to organisations how solutions will scale to match business plans and identifies when performance will be at risk and highlights weak links.
  • Service Level Risk Assessment – Baselines current solution and applies expected transaction load to a new release to determine whether service levels will be at risk. Any risks to service levels are identified before implementation.

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