Legacy Migration

There are many factors that drive migration off legacy systems including addressing resiliency risks, modernisation requirements, reducing costs, responding to strategic business initiatives and enabling the business to respond to market conditions.

Legacy Migrations come in many flavours including:

  • Mainframe to mainframe (offload to zIIPs / zLinux)​
  • Mainframe to non-mainframe​
  • Non-mainframe to non-mainframe​, e.g. AS400 to x86
  • To the cloud (Private/Public/Hybrid)​
  • Migration within the same platform​
  • Application to application migration​
  • DBMS -> to newer DBMS​
  • Language conversion (e.g. COBOL to Java)

CPT’s core-service offerings, and the experience gathered in delivering those services successfully to a broad range of customers and industries around the globe, positions CPT strongly in the Legacy Migration space. CPT partners with clients to help them understand the viability of the migration activity from the very beginning.  CPT can not only help to validate the cost benefit considerations but also to help flush out any potential technical risks as well as helping to establish the correct program structure and applicable program test management approach.

Migration Services that CPT can provide:

  • Solution Assessment Service

Based on our experience, we have seen a number of migration projects run into problems later on down the track because key aspects of the solution and the migration approach were not recognised or addressed up front.

  • Assurance Services

As an expert assurance partner, CPT is often called upon to provide our clients with an assurance that the complex program will meet their expectations.  CPT fulfils the “trusted advisor” role providing key technical expertise throughout the migration program ensuring that appropriately skilled resources are involved at key points and in key activities.

  • Partner Services

In addition to the key consulting skills from CPT, we can also bring selected partner solutions into the legacy migration initiative that can assist the fulfilment of the conceptual thinking, the solution design, fit for purpose testing and ongoing optimisation and efficiency post ‘Go Live’.

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