Cloud Migration and Optimisation

Cloud computing is now a mainstream approach to the delivery and management of IT services. Whether Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Containerisation as a Service (CaaS) or Software or Business Processes, nearly every aspect of IT service delivery can now be provisioned, managed or delivered through the Cloud. In comparison, traditional IT infrastructure and operations can be costly, inflexible, and require significant capital investment to run and maintain. Cloud based IT services offer a more flexible approach to meeting your business needs, offering a workload processing on demand, in real time, and at potentially lower costs.

CPT offers a number of specific cloud services and CPT’s technical architects and experts can help your organisation optimise on your journey into the cloud:

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Cost Management and Optimisation
  • Cloud Transition Readiness
  • Cloud Capability Maturity Assessment
  • Cloud Implementation Roadmaps
  • Legacy Application & Workload Migration

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