Operational Capability Maturity

Successful IT Management cannot be purchased out-of-the-box. Implementation of a robust IT management infrastructure is as much an exercise in organisational change as it is a technology implementation. Operational capability is therefore acquired in an evolutionary manner, over time, through the application of a continuous improvement methodology that addresses the combination of people, process, and tools components. On the path to improvement the first step is to assess where your business is in relation to your goals.

CPT has over 20 years’ experience investigating and assessing operational capabilities at clients with a view to driving improvement. CPT’s experienced consultants are well placed to provide a comprehensive review and assessment of clients’ underlying technologies and capabilities, delivering an outcome report that provides a solid understanding of the foundations and including recommendations for improvement to achieve the appropriate capability levels to meet business objectives.

Services include:

  • Assessment of operating capabilities from a single capability to asset of all capabilities
  • Capability discovery workshops
  • Capability mappings to functions
  • Capability improvement roadmaps

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