Mainframe Modernisation

At CPT Global we are often involved in mainframe modernisation discussions with our clients globally who share common concerns around the position of their critical mainframe systems in a rapidly transforming digital landscape. Some of the challenges they face are:

  • Soaring rates of digital transactions off mobile devices placing unprecedented demand for mainframe services in an often uncontrolled way.
  • Transactions need instant, secure processing and fraud detection, handled by robust technology solutions at any time of the day or night
  • Increasing volumes of “non-value” transactions e.g. query balance of account
  • Non-agile, complex applications and technology solutions at risk of inhibiting business performance and market opportunities
  • Need to address resilience risks in current technology
  • Diminishing availability of expertise in the mainframe space as mainframe specialists retire

There are a number of different mainframe modernisation strategies that can be adopted depending on the level of risk that organisations are willing to take on. Our mainframe core-service offerings, and the experience gathered in delivering those services successfully to a broad range of customers and industries around the globe, positions CPT strongly in the Mainframe Modernisation space.

Along with our strategic alliances with industry-leading partners, we have the expertise, the skills and the people to help and assure organisations as they navigate through their Mainframe Modernisation journeys.

CPT’s Mainframe Modernisation services include the following capabilities:

  • Strategy and Advisory
  • Mainframe DevOps
  • Licensing Rationalisation
  • Upgrade Legacy COBOL
  • Cloud Migration services
  • Migration to cheaper alternative technologies, e.g. DB2 to PostgreSQL
  • Replace technologies with scarce skills sets, e.g. VSAM to DB2
  • Off Mainframe Testing Environments

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