case studies

Service Management Improvement (Government)

CPT was engaged to assess the current ICT operational capability and outline an improvement program to uplift the government Agency’s capability to the required levels.

Capacity Management Services (Bank)

CPT has a proprietary capacity management methodology which was implemented at the bank. The cornerstone of this methodology is a central data repository for all system, application & business metrics referred to as CMIS.

Mainframe Systems Currency Program (Telecommunications)

CPT was a trusted partner for a major Canadian Telecommunications company, optimising and assuring delivery across their full technology stack, helping the client baseline systems.

Performance Monitoring (Superannuation)

CPT were engaged by one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds to resolve recurring outages with primary systems including a client facing portal accessed by millions of customers. The fund has over $100B under management.

Real Time Payments (Bank)

The Bank in partnership with CPT was able to successfully rollout a quality, stable and reliable real time payments solution. CPT has been a key player in Real Time Payment platform implementations at three major Australian banks and a delivery thought leader in payments modernisation.

Full Solution Testing & Environment Management (Bank)

The bank established a major program of works with the objective of merging the two brands to operate as one banking brand and to have one set of business processes and banking systems.

Test Environment Strategy & Management (Insurer)

The client undertook a major program of work to transition from a traditional corporate IT organization to a cloud-based SaaS provider as part of the corporate Digital Transformation strategy. CPT is now driving further improvements for the client.

Capacity Management Services (Telecommunications)

CPT partnered with the Telco’s IT delivery team to successfully deliver the scale and stability program over 27 months and achieve the desired outcome of being able to scale its systems to meet the demand of the network rollout.

Moving CICS Applications (CICSPlex)

CPT Global and David Stephens (Longpela Expertise) have been working with a client to setup a CICSPlex from scratch. At the client, three applications, each running in one CICS region, are now sharing workloads in two regions: active-active.

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