Capacity is the ‘C’ in CPT

Capacity Management is the process of proactively planning and managing your IT needs in a way that will effectively balance resource cost and system performance while still meeting business requirements. Capacity Management and planning help ensure that optimum capacity is available at the right time and the right cost and effective capacity management must consider business drivers to accurately project and manage hardware provisioning requirements, performance and processing costs.

With the move to cloud based infrastructure our clients are finding more and more that they need to avoid the cost overruns and the bill shock that greets them from using the cloud providers’ kind offering of “unlimited capacity”. They now need to focus on what the business has visibility of.  This is normally a bill. The bills presented are normally difficult to decipher.

An organisation may not have any idea why it changes from month to month and what is driving their increased costs. Capacity Planning needs to focus on breaking down this barrier and look at understanding the bill and report back on usage by the different groups within the organisation. Capacity Planning still needs to capture the future business and application initiatives and then forecast the impact to the organisation’s cloud services and the expected impact to their monthly bill.

Our key capacity planning service offerings include:

  • Capacity Forecasting
  • Capacity Assessments and Right sizing as part of migration from “On Prem’ to the cloud
  • Billing breakdowns and forecasting
  • Capacity Plans (Baseline / Annual / Periodic Review)
  • Capacity Impact Assessments
  • “Health Check” assessments
  • Ad-hoc / on demand services
  • Capacity Management Information System (CMIS) proprietary solution
  • Capacity Planning as a Managed Service

CPT provides tailored services to suit the client requirements, and we distinguish ourselves by delivering “Business Focused” capacity planning. Our plans and reports are aligned to the clients’ business objectives and produced in a format and language that is easily understood by business stakeholders. CPT provides our clients with a flexible service delivery model to ensure that the outcomes are fit for purpose to meet the individual requirements of our clients’ environment.

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