Lifecycle Management

Technology Lifecycle Management encompasses the planning, design, acquisition, implementation, and management of all elements of IT infrastructure. Failure to develop a technology Life Cycle Management strategy exposes organisations to a number of risks including unanticipated costs, failure of business processes, security risks and excessive complexity in the environment. However, done correctly, Technology Lifecycle Management enables organisations to reduce complexity, minimise total cost of ownership, ensure compliance and maximise the value of assets and mitigate these risks.

CPT is able to offer expert services across the scope of Lifecycle Management and Governance.

  • Governance
    • Establishment of Life cycle governance, e.g. Policies, policy oversight
    • Asset inventory <> Product lifecycle status reconciliation (scorecard)
  • Strategy & architecture
    • Platform advisory (technology, on-premise/off-premise)
    • Lifecycle currency planning
    • Procurement strategy
  • Development (applications) & engineering (infrastructure)
    • Configuration management (HW & SW assets, support/maintenance agreements)
    • Applications portfolio assessment (enhance/maintain/retire/replace)
  • Operations
    • Software currency review
    • Licensing reviews
    • Cost Optimisation
    • Product support agreement reviews
  • Demise / end of life
    • Legacy migration
    • Product decommissioning

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