strategic advisory

CPT’s advisors work on high-level strategic focus areas for your business where technology is a key enabler. We leverage our comprehensive industry knowledge to deliver the best results tailored to our clients’ individual needs. CPT can bring significant insights from our global practice to help organisations create clarity on the best strategic direction for their business.

While executives are busy with the actual running of the company, our advisors can devote themselves entirely to the question at hand to ensure that all angles are covered.

CPT is able to offer the following Strategic Advisory services:

  • Facilitation of Board/Executive planning days​
  • Emerging technology advisory and insights​
  • Strategy workshops
  • Digital transformation advisory​
  • Strategic review/advice on ICT direction​
  • Commercial ICT supplier contract review/advice​
  • Ongoing part-time Board/Executive strategic advisory (service)​
  • Strategic leverage of information
  • Digital strategy, planning/roadmap, and validation​
  • ICT strategy, planning/roadmap, and validation​
  • Organisational change strategy and support​
  • Technology solution options analysis for major business initiatives

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