Mainframe Optimisation & Cost Reduction

CPT is recognised as a world leading organisation in mainframe tuning and cost reduction. CPT’s innovative cost reduction service uses automated tools, proven processes and a highly experienced team. The CPT approach produces rapid results in most cases, with some clients realising cost savings of 25%.

A unique part of CPT’s service is our willingness to base fees on a share of the savings the client makes, whether software, hardware or outsourced service costs. With this approach CPT shares the risk of the project and ensures a clear ROI for the client. Other pricing models are offered if this “Risk Reward” model does not suit, this includes diagnostic engagements or T&M engagements.

CPT reviews 100% of what runs, why it runs, and how it runs, for cost and capacity reduction opportunities.

Mainframe Cost Optimisation services include:

  • Available resource usage optimisation
  • Software license cost rationalisation
  • Monitoring optimisation
  • System setup reviews and recommendations
  • Job scheduling streamlining and optimisation
  • Addressing poor business practices driving consumption
  • Ensuring only time dependent work contributes to peak

CPT reviews all drivers of the consumption that is driving MLC cost and analysis covers all areas of mainframe workflow, consumption and overhead. Opportunities rarely require application code changes and can be rapidly implemented for fast results.

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