Business & Service Continuity

Business Continuity refers to an organisation’s ability to maintain essential functions during and after a disaster has occurred. Business continuity planning establishes risk management processes and procedures that aim to prevent interruptions to mission-critical services and re-establish full function to the organisation as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Resilience, Business Impact Analysis and Contingency Strategies are essential foundations that we develop with key client stakeholders through engagements. As part of our approach, leadership and teams for Crisis Management, IT Recovery and Business Recovery are defined and established.

CPT offers a number of Business Continuity services to assist our clients prepare including:

  • Risk Management – both Analysis and Risk Mitigation
  • Business Continuity Management comprised of:
    • Crisis Management
    • Business Impact Analysis,
    • Key Systems Contingency Strategies
    • Key Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Strategies
    • Business Workarounds
    • BCP and Disaster Scenario Testing
    • Business Continuity Policy, Standards and Practices

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