case study - environment management strategy, improvement roadmap & solution delivery (insurer)

Test Environment Strategy and Management for large US Health Insurer.

The client undertook a major program of work to transition from a traditional corporate IT organisation to a cloud-based SaaS provider as part of the corporate Digital Transformation strategy. CPT was engaged to rationalise non-production environments, ensure environment currency and control, reduce technical debt and provide improved quality and service for its internal and external users/customers testing and training.

CPT worked with the client to:

  • Introduce a bimodal environment strategy to enable the transition of development and testing from traditional waterfall to SAFe Agile in a robust and controlled manner
  • Repurpose two existing test environments to deliver a reliable, robust externally available test capability
  • Establish a fit-for-purpose Training environment
  • Improve governance processes, operational management and monitoring of non-production environments
  • Enable foundational capabilities for Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
  • Optimise costs and reduce delivery schedule delays
  • Reduced the number of non-production environments through the standardisation and automation of Test Environment Management practices

The outcome for the client was a successfully implemented Test Environment Management strategy and roadmap for continuous improvement. Implementation of the strategy has put in place strong foundations for the continuing digital transformation. CPT is now driving further improvements for the client in the area of Enterprise Release Management and Testing Practices, building on the enhanced testing and training environment capability.

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