case study - capacity management services (telecommunications)

The Telco Infrastructure company was rolling out a new broadband network which drove a twenty-fold increase in transaction volumes over three years and needed to scale up their IT systems to handle the increase in volume.

As volumes increased, IT systems experienced poor performance and several outages had severe impacts on the Telco’s customers.

CPT had been providing expert services for a number of years and was engaged by the CIO to establish a Scale & Stability Program. The team’s remit was to establish a capacity management capability and improve the overall availability of IT systems.

To achieve the Telco’s capacity goals, CPT customised our proprietary capacity management methodology and partnered with the IT & Network groups and their managed services providers to establish, rollout and govern the process. A regular capacity management forum, that still operates today, oversees the work the managed services providers are doing to accurately predict the expected demand for resources and ensure that capacity is in place when it will be required.

An architectural review of the Telco’s systems was conducted together with the Telco and the service providers’ architecture teams to map all the known system bottlenecks and scalability points. The review outlined several scale and stability remediation projects that would be required to initially stabilise and then scale key IT and Network systems.

CPT partnered with the Telco’s IT delivery team to successfully deliver the scale and stability program over 27 months and achieve the desired outcome of being able to scale its systems to meet the demand of the network rollout. Key stability metrics were established to monitor stability and demonstrate the effectiveness of the program. Executive level reporting was put in place so that the CEO, Senior Leadership team and executive management stakeholders across the company were kept informed about the progress of the program.

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